5 kg Raticid Poison for Mice and Rats (Only E.U. Shipping)

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Being part of the category of the latest generation products, used to combat rodents, VARAT PASTA acts in the shortest time and will get rid of the unwanted guests and the problems brought by them.

• SUMMER PASTA contains the active substance Brodifacoum (blue paste), the most efficient substance currently on the rodenticide market. It requires a much lower consumption (4-6 times) than from products with other active substances, to obtain the same effect. It is the only active substance for which the description “causes the death of rodents after a single ingestion” is valid, because however little it is consumed, it has a result.

• kills mice and rats of any species

•  is preferred and accepted by mice and rats even in the presence of other foods

• is a bait in the form of a soft paste, with a special scent and taste studied, very appetizing for rodents

•  causes mice and rats to die quickly (2-3 days after consumption), but also late enough, in order not to attract the suspicion of the other rodents in the colony.

•  contains a bitter substance to prevent accidental ingestion by children and non-target animals.


100 grams of product contains:

Brodifacoum (CAS n 56073-10-0) 0.005 g

Denatonium Benzoate 0.001 g

Appetizing and seductive substances for rodents.

Manufacturer: INDUSTRIALCHIMICA S.r.l. Italy

Exclusive importer: COMPETITIV S.r.l.

Packaging: 100 gr, / 200 gr, / 5 kg, / 10 kg (containing pieces of rodenticide bait of 20 g each, individually packed in food paper)


House mice: 40 g (2 pills) / 100 m2

Gray rat: 60-100 g (3-5 pills) / 100 m2

The black rat: 60-100 g (3-5 pills) / 100 m2


 is intended for the control of rodents in and around buildings, including industrial buildings, in cellars, garages, storage rooms, gardens, farms and houses. Use  in poisoning stations to avoid the weather. It is not biodegradable.