Antidiarrheal Suspension Herba Prim 150 ml Probiotics

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Due to the composition, the product has tonic properties, protects the intestinal mucosa, decreasing the absorption of enterotoxins. It is indicated as an adjuvant in primary or secondary disorders of the digestive tract in cattle, lambs, goats, piglets or cats, in gastroenteritis, gastric ulcer, dysentery, chronic colitis, in abnormal intestinal fermentation, intoxication.
Per bone: - The general dose is one puff (jet) at the base of the tongue for each 3-5 kg ​​weight, 2 times a day, for 3-5 days. At youth under 3 kg - 1 puff.
Shake before use!
At room temperature (15 - 25 C˚), in tightly closed packages, away from sources of fire, sun and moisture. Keep out of reach of children. Do not reuse bottle after emptying.
2 years, kept in the original packaging, under the conditions of storage provided.