Ecocid S 1kg Universal Disinfectant against Viruses

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Ecocid S

- it is a very active universal disinfectant with safe and effective protection against all known viruses.

It has bactericidal and fungicidal activity.

Due to the high level of safety and the wide spectrum of biocidal activity, it can be used for various purposes:

- veterinary institutes (offices, clinics, laboratories)

- for pets (spaces for food preparation, shelters, shelters, rabbit cages, poultry, hives or other spaces where animals are housed).

- other surfaces: disinfection of vehicles, slaughterhouses, surfaces and accessories of animal fairs, warehouses and food processing rooms

- for the disinfection of equipment and surfaces in homes.

The Ecocid S working solution can be applied by spray, suspended vapors (mist), in disinfection tanks or in disinfection filters.

For the disinfection of already cleaned surfaces and equipment, it is sufficient to prepare a working solution of Ecocid S, with a concentration of 1% (a pack of 50 g in 5 liters of water or 1 kg in 100 liters of water).

It is recommended to use heated water for the rapid dissolution of the preparation.

For general hygiene and disinfection of surfaces, the 1% Ecocid S solution is recommended.

The contact time for effective disinfection is 10 minutes.

Ecocid S causes a 100% bactericidal effect against Mycobacterium tuberculosis at a concentration of 3% and a contact time of 5 minutes.