ECVIROM I 50 ml Oral Suspension - Broad spectrum antihelminthic for Horses ( equimax )

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Oral suspension

Broad spectrum antihelminthic for horses



Active substances: Ivermectin 0.2 g/100 ml (0.1 g/50 ml syringe), Praziquantel 2.5 g/100 ml (1.25 g/50 ml syringe)

Excipients: carboxymethylcelullose, benzoic acid, glycerol formal, ethanol and distilled water


Ivermectin is a macrolide antibiotic lactone obtained by fermentation and chemically hydrogenation of Streptomices avermitilis. The product acts on CNS of nematodes and parasitic arthropods causing the paralysis followed by the death of the parasite by GABA mediated synaptic stimulation, which interrupts the nervous impulse. The product has no action against cestodes and trematodes because their synapses are not GABA mediated.

Ivermectin is active against some myiasis larvae (Hypoderma, Gastrophylus, Oestrus) and some blood-sucking and cell detritus feeding insects (lice, ticks, etc). The toxicity of the product is relatively low as ivermectin has no action on acetylcholine which mediates the synapses in mammals.




Ecvirom-I is recommended for control of endo- and ectoparasitosis in horses, as follows:

  • trematodosis induced by Fasciolla hepatica;
  • cestodosis caused by Anoplocephala genus;
  • nematodosis induced by Parascaris equorum, Strongylus spp., Trichonema spp., Strongyloides spp., Habronema spp., Oxyuris equi, Gongylonema spp., Parafilaria spp., Onchocerca spp., Dictyocaulus arnfieldi, Trichinella spiralis.
  • arachnosis: linguatulosis (Linguatulosa serrata); horse`s scabies (Sarcoptes scabiei var. equi, Psoroptes communis var. equi, Chorioptes bovis var. equi).
  • entomosis induced by Gastrophilus spp.Hypoderma spp.


The reproductive toxicity of the product was not fully evaluated; therefore the product should not be administered during lactation and pregnancy without a prior risk/benefit analysis by the veterinarian.


None known when comply with the recommended doses. For any other reactions, please inform your veterinarian.


The product is administered orally by syringe. The amount to be administered is obtained by fixing the dosing ring of the syringe at the marking corresponding to the animal` s weight. The top of syringe is introduced into the mouth at the commissural interdental space; advance the plunger until the whole established quantity of product is administered and raise the horse`s head in order to facilitate swallowing.

The recommended dose is 0.2 mg ivermectin + 2.5 mg praziquantel /kg body weight. This dose is equivalent to 10 ml suspension Ecvirom – I/100 kg body weight for both adult horses and foals in a single dose;

The foals should be treated first at the age of 6-8 weeks. Animals (young and adult animals) should be disinfected quarterly.


Comply with the recommended doses and treatment schedule; assess correctly the body weight of the horse in order to avoid under and overdoses.

Comply with the basic procedures for immobilization of the horse.

During administration the tongue of the animal should not be immobilized, but let free.

Make sure the horse’s mouth contains no feed before administration.

Caution in horses with renal or hepatic impairment.

Shake well before use!


37 since last treatment for animals intended for human consumption


Plastic syringe containing 50 ml product, packaged in carton box.