ENTEROGUARD M Powder Metronidazole 10 g Oxytetracycline hydrochloride 6 g Furazolidone 2 g

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Broad spectrum antimicrobial and anti diarrhea


Active substances: Metronidazole 10 g/100 g; Oxytetracycline hydrochloride 6 g/100 g; Furazolidone 2 g/100 g; Bismuth subnitrate 2 g/100 g;

Excipients (soy, calcium carbonate) up to 100 g


ENTEROGUARD M acts sinergistically on different etiologic agents which affect the gastrointestinal mucosa and bowel.

Metronidazole acts preventively and curatively against flagellated protozoa and Serpulina hyodisenteriae.

Oxytetracycline is a broad spectrum antibiotic with bacteriostatic action against Gram positive and Gram negative bacteria.

Furazolidone is a chemotherapeutic compound with bacteriostatic action mainly against Salmonella spp. and Escherichia coli.

Bismuth subnitrate has absorptive, astringent, protective and smoothing action for gastrointestinal mucosa. It also acts as antidiarrheic by binding to intestinal hydrogen sulfide (an stimulant of the intestinal motility); it acts as antiseptic by gradually releasing bismuth, which has spirillicide properties


Dogs, cats, minks, polecats, cage birds and flight cage birds (parakeets, parrots, goldfinches, peacocks, pheasants, quails, pigeons and ornamental hens)


Treatment of primary and secondary enteropathies induced by bacteria and protozoa in dogs, cats, polecats, minks, cage birds and flight cage birds (carrier and ornamental pigeons, canaries, parrots, peacocks) and also in the enteropathies of unspecified etiology.


Do not use ENTREROGUARD M powder in chickens under the age of 4 weeks.


None known


In dogs, cats, minks and polecats: 5 g of product/10 kg of food/day, for 5-7 days.

In anorexic animals, the product is administered individually, as a suspension in water or tea, in dose of 0.5-1 g of product/kg of body weight, for 3-5 days.

In canaries, parrots, peacocks and pigeons, the preventive treatment consists in the administration of 1 g of ENTEROGUARD M/kg of food, for 3- 5 consecutive days. The curative treatment consists in the administration of 2 g of ENTERGUARD M /kg of food for 5-6 days.


The product should be well-homogenized into the fodder. In cage birds and flight cage birds the product is mixed with sugar and afterwards with the slightly wetted feeds, especially when grains are used. Sugar contributes to taste correction and medicine adherence to the seeds.

Do not associate with coccidiostatics of Zoalene and Amprolium type.

Do not use the product in birds intended for human consumption.


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Bags of 50 g.