Levoplix 10% Levamisol 20 grams dewormer cattle,swine,goat,poultry,birds

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Manufacturer: Greece
DCI: Levamisol
Indications: Antihelmal, effective in nematodes. Immunomodulator.
Levamisole HCl 10%
Powder soluble
Large-area anemelic: Immunomodulator
For veterinary use
Composition: Each g contains 100 mg levamisole HCl.
Indications: anthelmic, effective in infestations with nematodes. Immunomodulator.
Levamisol HCl:
 cattle; goats; sheep; (7.5 mg / kg g.c)
 swine; (8.25 mg / kg g.c.
 birds; (36-48 / kg g.c)
Administration method:
cattle; goats; sheep; Swine (in feed or drinking water)
birds; In drinking water
Waiting time:
Meat: bovine; goats; sheep; (7 days Milk: 48 hours)
swine; 5 days
birds; 3 days Eggs: 72 hours
Levoplix Solubility Powder:
Each envelope contains 20 g required for:
cattle; goats; sheep; swine; (240 kg g.c)
Birds: (50 kg g.c)
Administration method:
The amount of feed or water should be consumed within 12 hours.
The treatment is repeated after 1 month.
Species: cattle, goats, sheep and birds