NEOSTOMOSAN 5 x 5 ml Flea & Trick External Antiparasitic for Dogs and Cats

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Packing mode: 5 vials of 5ml.
Product Description:

Neostomosan is a concentrated solution with anti-parasitic effect that contains two piretroide, very active against ectoparasites that affect dogs and cats.

Combat: Ideal for prevention and treatment of infestations with lice, fleas and ticks, treatment of Demodecina and otodectic sarcophagus, in dogs and cats.

Concentration: 1/200 dilution will be used for the combination, washing and sprinkler.

Application Mode:

In case of flea infestation and lice, the entire body surface of the animal and the collar is treated, neostomosan not toxic to animals. Pests fall alone after a few hours of treatment. If necessary you can repeat the treatment after a week

It can also be used by spraying with low-pressure pump or atomizer, for prevention or in the case of flea-infested, lice or staple space infestations.

Packing mode: 1 vial of 5ml.

Validity period: 3 years from the date of manufacture.